Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i now pronoucnce you husband | and wife

the most treasured day of our lives, saturday the 11th of december 2010.
but really, the journey has only just begun...

the morning of our wedding day, i awoke and thought..
mmm, i'm getting married today - yay! ... ... ... WEATHER!? AH! i jumped out of bed and stood on the balcony, overlooking a perfect morning - sunshine with a light breeze (someone is definitely looking after me...)
The morning couldn't have been any easier; fruit salad, yoghurt, tea and some fabulous ladies...

bec spiteri is a glorious hair dresser, she knows her stuff & just how to make the hair flow like waves or pull you back to 1950 with a classic do [whatever your style may be]

cherie-rose make-up begun her art on the BM's... i don't know just how to describe her talent, but ...simply breath-taking. she didn't need one word of guidance, she knew exactly how to work beautifully with each girl, enhancing their unique complexion and they looked perfect in the pictures.

speaking of pictures... none other than the fabulous amber louise blakeway delivered these beautifully captured moments from our big day. what she offers is unique and guaranteed to capture the intricate details and precious moments.

we couldn't have imagined anything more perfect for our wedding day...
i'll let the pictures speak for themselves

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

M + G Engagement Shoot

our e shoot was so much fun & fabulous, all thanks to our photographer | amber louise blakeway

>>here's a glimpse

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ahhhhh | accessories

i've always expected 'peep toe' to produce a well made & well balanced heel... what i wasn't expecting was that they would cover all my accessories for the big day!
and oh my goodness, after various shoe dilemma's and no luck with finding THE SHOE, peep toe truly saved the day.
as soon as i spotted the glamorous crystal cuff in peep toe paddington- it was as good as sold! i matched it with a stunning pair of austrian crystal drop earrings and my jewellery was complete! i tried on different shoes in varying colours, style and detail, finally i came to the conclusion that less is more and sealed the deal with a classic design.
ahhhh, a successful day in sydney and i am thrilled that i can envision a more completed look for my bridal attire!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

e | shoot

three months today, a beautiful sunny saturday- and what better way to celebrate than with an e shoot! three set locations, lots of outfit changes, a car full of props and we were away...

an e shoot is the perfect way to warm up to all that camera attention for the big day, the gorgeous photos can come in handy for 'save the dates' or slide shows... but in my opinion, any excuse will do.

m & i aimed to capture a few different looks including; vintage elegance, ocean splendor, a sailor set and exotic bohemian style.

photo's will be up shortly! (yes, i'm dying with anticipation...)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

make | up

the golden rays and puffy white clouds deemed the day to be a success right from the outset. with my maid of honour in the vehicle and french danish in hand, we headed to the home of the most fabulous make up artist, cherie-rose.

everything seemed to be simple and pristine. we spoke about my look for the big day, themes, colour schemes and threw around a few ideas. i found it difficult to explain the design concept i had envisioned, but C seemed to grasp it with ease. she went ahead and worked with the colours, tones and features. when i looked at the end result in the mirror, i saw my concept come to life! i was so amazed that she could capture what i wanted and create the exact look working with my unique complexion.

C went on to do an equally gorgeous design on my maid of honour, working with her tones and features.

this has definitely been one of my favourite parts of planning the big day so far... it was a dream working with C, i couldn't imagine anything working better or with more ease. she is one i will recommend to all!


Monday, July 12, 2010

suit | up

with the girls all sorted, we decided it was about time to get onto the guys attire... we spent the day searching bondi junction from top to toe. we both had in mind just what we wanted- which was hard to find with the specific cut, colour, fit and fabric. however we were in perfect luck! we strolled into SATCH and at first couldn't see what we were after, but after talking to the queer/interesting sales consultants, we found (fingers crossed) what we were looking for...
the moment of truth, & matt waltzed out of the change room- smile of his face and suit looking sharp.
too easy, too perfect.
we seem to have had our fair share of first-time hits!
...there must be someone looking after us :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you | Manning Cartell

thank you to the 'queens birthday' public holiday. the perfect day that all five of my lovely bridesmaids and i had the day off to travel into paddington to (hopefully) find the perfect dress... X5!

first stop, 'soy latte please' and then we were off to zimmermann.

the dress that the girls tried was beautiful and would give an overall look of beauty and elegance to the day.
each of the girls liked the dress, but then it was time to head off to investigate choice #2...

a short walk [three stores down] and manning cartell was ready for some serious competition... once the girls saw the dresses, they fell in love with the colour and gorgeous fabric. they each got a different style to try & as soon as they emerged from the dressing rooms, there was definitely LOVvvE!
each of them was simply dazzling in their dress and they looked like models lined up next to one another.
there was a defined buzz in the store & the decision was DONE!

ahhhh, perfect perfect perfect. i was thrilled with the dresses and each of the girls loved them... thank God we found them just in the nick of time! [8 sleeps until B is off to mexico] don't you just loveee when things just fall into place?

now... to start on the boys!